The engineers of OEC Forensics combine advanced analysis methodologies with high tech, cutting edge measurement and documentation equipment. This combination yields accurate and reliable analysis of the incident.

OEC Forensics’ deeper understanding of the physics, mathematics, and planer dynamics at the core of the analysis methods allows the engineers to correctly analyze even the most challenging problems and present the results in a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

The engineers of OEC Forensics have authored numerous peer-reviewed and accepted treatises on contemporary forensic engineering analysis and methodologies. OEC Forensics emphasizes continuing education via both teaching and training for all its engineers, and all of its engineers regularly attend the most up-to-date training to stay at the forefront of the industry. OEC engineers additionally teach courses in forensic engineering analysis and methodologies to further hone their presentation skills and ability to approachably describe the state-of-the-art analysis methods utilized.