OEC Forensics engineers have authored peer-reviewed scholarly papers and technical publications in the field of collision analysis, perpetually contributing to and advancing the body of knowledge pertaining to forensic engineering. They also prioritize further development of their own educations, enrolling in continuing education courses and training specific to the fields of engineering and collision analysis.

  • Jerry S. Ogden, PhD, PE: As President and Principle Engineer of OEC Forensics, Jerry has over 24 years of experience in Forensic Engineering. He has earned a PhD in Civil/Mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado Denver, developing a generalized, broadly applicable vehicle deformation analysis method for determining total velocity change.
  • Mathew Martonovich, MS, PE: Mathew has been with OEC Forensics since 2009, where he is responsible for the investigation, diagramming, and animation of motor vehicle collision events. He conducts research, prepares expert reports and assists the principle with forensic case work.
  • Liberty L. Janson, PE: Liberty joined OEC Forensics in 2018. Her 17 years of forensic engineering experience include property analysis and design services for a wide variety of clients. As the Director of Civil Engineering, she supports design, third-party review, construction administration, analysis, performance testing, maintenance planning services for public and private institutions.
  • Carson S. Ogden, BA, GIS, RP:  Carson joined the OEC Forensics team in 2013 as a field technical assistant and has since graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a Bachelor’s degree in Geography focusing on Geospatial Sciences. Carson has also obtained a GIS Certificate from CU Denver to operate as a geospatial analyst, as well as FAA licensure to operate commercial remote aircraft. Carson utilizes GPS and various types of geographic data to analyze collision events, manage assets, and provide mapped visual products.