Forensic Engineering Experts

OEC Forensics is a nationwide forensic engineering firm based out of Littleton, Colorado that specializes in motor vehicle collision analysis and reconstruction. Each analysis is based on physical evidence, ensuring an objective result is achieved, and the engineers of OEC Forensics utilize advanced analysis methodologies, using only accepted engineering principles with known accuracy and reliability.

The engineers at OEC Forensics are adept at analyzing collisions involving any number and combination of passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, off-road motor vehicles, bicycles, trains and pedestrians, as well as considering roadway design, conditions and visibility contributions to a collision.

OEC Forensics is the choice for complete documentation and preservation of all types of evidence. From complete digitization of incident scenes and roadway geometry using high definition laser scanning to the retrieval of sensitive electronic data from GPS devices, airbag control modules (“black boxes”) and commercial vehicle engine control modules (ECMs), OEC Forensics does it all.

OEC Forensics’ reports are detailed and clear, providing supporting documentation of findings and opinions for each case. Demonstrative exhibits, including clear photography of evidence, concise diagrams and advanced visualizations, communicate the incident event in a strong and easy-to-understand manner for presentation to judge and jury.

Vehicle photo (left) compared to digitized point cloud (right)